Divorce Attorney in Newport News, VA

If you’re wondering when and if you should hire a divorce attorney because your spouse already has, consider coming to the law office of Kevin W. Weldon to discuss your concerns. In Newport News, VA, we can guide you through the process of dissolving your marriage and make it as painless as possible. We’ll tailor solutions to your needs and help you create a clear plan for the future.

Working With You Through Difficult Times

We take an innovative approach and will consider the specific circumstances of your divorce as we help you make decisions. We believe in preserving relationships as much as we can, so we’ll work closely with you to make your divorce efficient, respectful, and whenever possible, even amicable.

When you need the assistance of a divorce attorney, come to the Kevin W. Weldon law firm for more information. We represent families in and around the Newport News area. We hope we can reduce the complications of getting a divorce and help you come to agreements through peaceful negotiations.