Child Custody Attorney in Newport News, VA

If you’re in search of a child custody attorney in Newport News, VA, to help you negotiate custody arrangements, consider the Kevin W. Weldon law firm. We can help you work out the frequency of visitation rights, upbringing and education, and medical care. If you must go to court, we can offer guidance in an effort to build a plan that is suitable for your child.

How We Can Help

When the other parent doesn’t pay child support, we know it can be hard. Our lawyer can explain your options and help you figure out the best possible way to rectify the situation. Our goal is to support you through the legal process and get you any money you might be owed.

Kevin W. Weldon represents clients in Newport News and in the surrounding areas. If that’s where you live and you suddenly find yourself needing legal assistance from a child custody attorney, contact us today. When circumstances change and you need to change agreements, we’ll be here to help.